Friends After Graduation

Following video was directed and edit by my friend, Mohammed Al Ashi, a member of SPOT group who developed an advanced LMS system wit the same name.

The video is shared here upon their request. I appear on this video wiping my mouth LOL! I was the teacher of the session (at a friend’s house) studying for the Operating Systems for Administrators course back during the university.

This video shows how much time and effort spent to come out with the best result.




Dear Readers,
I hereby would like to thank each and everyone of you for supporting me during my wonderful blogging journey. I would like to inform you that this blog will no longer be active as of Tuesday February 22, 2011.

The blog, however, has been moved to a new website, same blog, same posts, same everything, except for the new look and a few more things I hope you all will love.

Kindly, follow the link below.

Nader K.

Hello world!

Hello everybody, this is my first post and i hope you like it.

It all started when i was at the kitchen making a mug of ice Nescafe with some biscuits as usual, then a conversation inside of my head started.

I want to be an activist, a Palestinian cause supporter. I want to blog, to write, to express my feelings. I have great unpublished poems and short stories that barely anybody know about.
I wanted to do so many things, but i never knew what prevents me from doing this, but i guess it’s the first-time fear.
After preparing my mug of ice Nescafe, i went back to my window at the outer world, my computer, and resumed chatting with a very dear friend of mine, Amoona E. to whom i told my ideas. She was very encouraging and supportive. Thank you my dear.
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