About The Author

Nader, a 23-year-old Gazan. Holder of a computer programming diploma with honors, and Bsc. in Management Information Systems “MIS”, a valedictorian, a passionate reader, professional photographer and a quick learner. He holds 10 Microsoft Certifications, in addition to Certified Business Professional “CBP”, professional graphics designer and audio/video editor a computer geek and a Mac Addict.

A passionate poet and writer. Worked as a technical support engineer since 2005 and started working as a computer trainer since 2008. Enjoys life as much as possible, and a Twitter Addict.


13 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Hello Nader,

    To be honest .. you are awesome .. i didn’t expect that from you .. however .. you are a positive person and the most professional Palestinian guy that i have met before !

    I just wanna say that i hope to you good luck what ever you face at these times

    Good luck dear friend, dear Nader.

    PS: 2jmal ta7ya elak 😉

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