Clearly Honest

Assalamu Alaikum every one. This would probably be my last blog post for a while (I pray it won’t take long before I hit another Publish button).

Neither I nor anybody else can deny the fact that I have been writing very sharp lately. Truth is, as you all know, I write because it’s my passion. I write to show what is it to be Gazan, and we, Gazans, are human beings, we live, love, feel sad and depressed. We, Gazans, have feelings too, just like you do.

My recent two posts were very angry and furious, I know I have used strong language because I have been really bothered and I hated the fact that such thoughts are actually occupying a big part of my mind, and my time.

Most of you are probably wondering what this post is going to be about, and I hereby would like to thank each and every one contributed, in a way or another, whether by verbal support, emails, comments, DM, and tweets. You people are the best and I could never, no matter what, have better friends and readers than you all.

I have been writing very sharply recently, reflecting a real part of my life, writing down what goes on in my mind, trying to vent, I always write to vent, and this is because life in Gaza isn’t normal, compared to life anywhere outside, on the other side of the borders.

Because I write with all honesty, and I never hesitate or think twice before writing and sharing whatever goes on my mind, some people have been bothered with that. People I have always loved and cared about. People I’ve always regarded to as friends and family.

I guess being too much honest and clear, and writing whatever crosses my mind doesn’t seem to be liked by many. I know I shouldn’t listen to them, I know I shouldn’t feel down at all no matter what anybody says, and I know that I have to take all of this as a stronger motivation to write sharper and with extreme honesty because the main objective of this blog is to vent and let people know what’s going on in Gaza, from my personal point of view.

In my two most recent posts, I talked about the types of people I met, and talked about my own point of view about that not hiding a word at all. What hurts the most is that many of those I have always regarded as close friends have been misunderstanding me to the fact that I had to go through endless problems and arguing ending up losing them.

It’s sad how honestly and clarity in writing is being misunderstood especially by the close ones, what’s sadder, is losing them at the end of the road because of that.

I know that I have been really sharp and angry in writing recently, but I hope you all understand that the main reason behind all that was because I’ve been really depressed, sad, and in a total shock of disbelief of what has been happening recently.

I guess the more haters I get, the more lovers I get, and the more motivation to write. Good news is, I’ll still write honest and clear, like I used to. I believe that many people do actually like what I write regardless of the category I write under.

I won’t stop writing, and may the number of the haters increase, because if this means anything, it means that I’m very successful at what I do best, writing. I’ll always be the same person you once knew. I shall be that till the day I die.

Love and respect.

Nader K.


4 thoughts on “Clearly Honest

  1. Some times little brother the truth hurts.
    and no matter what you write someone somewhere may not like it…..
    You live in a powder keg… and writing is as good way or releasing
    All those Destructive emotions that can eat at your soul.

    1. Truly said. To be honest, I was thinking about what i was writing in this blog, and i gave it a quick read-which i dont usually do- and decided not to stop writing no matter what. I am not going to stop writing at all. Let them hate, because i simply don’t care

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