An Untitled Thought

Life, oh dear life, for how long will this remain?
Life has been very disappointing and depressing. Life is becoming more of that by the day. I wonder whether it gets worse as I drink my bitter coffee every day. I wonder if anything new will ever happen.

What happens in life is real and it never leaves anyone alone. Not even the loneliest ever known in the history of mankind. I watch people around me deal with life matters as I drink my cup of coffee, a cup of bitter liquid that has never been bitter than life.

I still wonder whether it’s life that’s disappointing, or people who live around me are. In my life, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people who keep on supporting me when I’m down and encourage me to beat hardships and go on with my life like nothing happened, well, I learn my lesson after all.

I have been through so much for a normal person to handle or even live with, in spite of all of that, still do I manage to show a smile on my face, and try hard to laugh as much as I can. Simple because, “life is too short, and you only have one life to live”.

There have been many negotiations with different parties trying to draw a less disappointing and depressing way for me to walk in. From a realistic point of view, every time I thought that I could see the light at the end of the way I take I come to realize that it’s the light of a train coming towards me from the other end.

I have lately come to a realization that no matter how people try to make you feel better, if you can’t help yourself making that, then you have come to the ultimate failure.

Failure after failure after another, and yet you strive to score a homerun with one small success, as a way of trying to erase an equal failure. Then you score a chain of success, which will be a reason to make you cheer up, only temporarily.

During your lifetime, you meet many types of people, the caretaker, the lover, the ambitious, the fixer, the annoyer, the liar, the wannabe, the faker, and the list goes on forever.

I have met many types of these, and every time I uncover a faker/loser/wannabe person my life gets better. Such people can be classified as a “Hypocritical Waste of Skin”. Such people consume air, food, and space they don’t deserve, I wonder how do they keep on living; I guess they’re parasitic.

Nader K.


3 thoughts on “An Untitled Thought

  1. May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala increase your blessings for dunya but formost for ‘Akheera, keep you safe and send His angels to you for protection and guidance and keep you and your loved ones in state of good emaan, health and sabr. Ameen ya Rabbil ‘Alameen. Fi Iman wa Noor Allah, wa Salaam ‘Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu, UmmHajar

  2. i call this so rtof person “psychic vampires”, like zionists a waste of oxygen.
    Life is a struggle where ever you live..
    People try to cheer you up because you are worth cheering up..
    you are a good person..

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