I’ve Had Enough

Life has never been better lately and I, with all honesty can’t deny that. Life has been full of happy occasions, events, and moments, and it’s pretty normal that to face hardships and/or bad moments, events, or even occasions.

Most of you reading so far probably don’t know what’s the reason behind all of this, and that’s going on with me with this so-called life. For that, allow me to introduce the new me, and don’t rush it, it’s just a matter of time before you realize who’s the new me is going to be.

Nobody can deny the fact that life is full of ups and downs, u smile for a minute, and you frown for an hour. This is pretty normal in such a world we live in, and if you deny that, I guess you’re not one of us, humans.

I am angry. I am fed up. I am mad. And I’ve had enough. For how long this suffering will last? And what’s next? I’ve always been asking myself such questions, and the answers are yet to be found.

Let’s put a few things straight and deal with this because it’s too late (isn’t it too late already?). Love is about sharing, caring, understanding, and whatever crosses your mind as you’re reading this.

But when love turns out to be nothing more than greed, selfishness, and on top of that, STALKING the one you love/like this becomes totally creepy. NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE has the right to ask you for whatever or however you spend your time of what do you do with your own money, time, and/or body. All these three are yours, and it’s only God who’ll be asking you why and how did you do all of what you’ve done so far.

So please, if you’re loving that way, keep it to yourself, and keep me out of this creepy so-called whatever you call it because I am no longer interested and it no longer matters.

On the other side, people have been striving to lie to everybody around, even those very close. So if you love someone, or even yourself. STOP LYING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, stop lying to all of those people including yourself, stop trying to look so different than what you really are. Stop dreaming and making everybody believe that you’re actually someone different and you’re so not.

And now, I take out a cigarette out of the pack, light it, and sip my strong Turkish coffee that no matter how bitter it tastes, it’s nothing compared to the bitter taste of life.

I publish the post, and start writing another post.

Nader K.


6 thoughts on “I’ve Had Enough

  1. إن شاء الله دايما
    happy days 🙂

    life is all about ups and downs, we all know that. But the important thing is to remember that when u r in the “down” phase 🙂


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