Chapter 3

Hyper, famous, handsome, and nice, were some of a long list of good things known about Ali. He was an all-round awesome and everybody loves him, whether at the university, at home, or even at work. Those who only knew his name would think that he’s not as good as he really is, they would most probably think that he keeps bragging and showing off with all the qualifications he has, of which, most people don’t even possess.

Ali was very good at almost everything he does, except for the “things” he didn’t try yet. He was a good cook, a talented painter, writer, and a poet, a good speaker, a gifted photographer and marvelously excellent when it comes to technology. As they say “nothing is perfect”, Ali is very picky when it comes to people, especially women. He’s not a womanizer, he just admires the feminine beauty, and totally respects it, however he always misses the shot.

One day, while Ali was at the campus with a few friends, a gorgeous brunette passed by and he couldn’t get his eyes off her. He admired each and every bit of her beauty as she walked away and said “what an angel!?”. Later that day Ali could never let thinking of her alone, he couldn’t stop thinking. Ali got butterflies in his stomach.

A day later and the angel passes by again, and luckily enough, Ali was alone this time. He found it a great chance to talk to her and introduce himself, so he grabbed that chance and as she passed by, he jogged towards her trying to catch up and talk. “Good morning, I’m Ali!” Ali introduced himself to her with a bright smile mixed with the odor of coffee. “Good morning, I’m Sara! Nice to meet you, Ali.” she replied, and that was just the beginning. Ali asked her if she would like to go have some coffee at the cafeteria, and surprisingly, she accepted, the thing that made it look like a sign to him.

Ali and Sara spent hours talking and laughing throwing everything on their to-do list behind their backs. They both were having fun, and Ali’s heart was jumping up and down during that time. Sarah looked up in the sky to find the sun shining bright in the middle of the sky, looked back at her wrest watch, “Oh God! I missed my second class!” she said, while Ali didn’t really care about any classes, he was having the time of his life.

Sarah excused herself to go to her class before she misses it while Ali had no problem with that at all, “Yes sure! I’m sorry you missed two classes already, it was all my fault” Ali said with a sad smile on his face. Sara told him that it’s OK and she needed to spend some good time with someone cool just like him, “Don’t be, Ali. I gotta admit, I really had a good time with you. We should do this more often!”. Ali then smiled and agreed, and they gave one another their number.

Ali and Sara did the same for nearly a year, and every time they do that, Ali becomes assure that Sara is the one he’s been dreaming of for all his life. Sara has became a part of his life, and he couldn’t imagine his life without her anymore. He loved her with all his heart, but he’s too afraid to tell her how he feels for her because, he feared being rejected. Ali kept delaying that for long until she one day came to him and gave him another sign for which Ali was so desperate, and despite of all that, Ali’s knees were hitting each other so loud that even Sara could hear them then said, “Ali! What’s that noise?”, “Oh! Err, my knees, I’m sorry” he replied. she asked him about the reason why and he felt like it’s time he starts talking to her about it because he could never hold it within his chest anymore.

-“Sara, I have always wanted to tell you this. But something has always been pushing me back”

-“What is it? What’s going on, Ali?”

-“Sara, I fell in love with you before we met.”

-“Before we met? How is it possible?

-“Remember the day we met and we had so much fun that you forgot about two of your classes?”


-“Well, you passed by me one day earlier, and I couldn’t stop thinking of you ever since.”

-“Ali! Are you serious?”

-“Dead serious, Sara. I love you.”

-“What took you so long, Ali?”

-“I feared being rejected by you for some other guy or some reason, I feared that you would tell me that you have always regarded me as a close friend.”

-“Are you crazy? A close friend? Someone like you should be the king of my heart. And to be honest, I liked you from day one, and I have always dreamed about this day, and whoever regards you as a close friend or whatever with all this must be stupid, trust me.”

-“I wanted to make my move earlier, but I told my reasons, I can’t even believe I did it!”

-“Aww! You’re so sweet, Ali. I love you, Habeeby.”

-“I love you too, Sweetheart.”

The End.

Nader K.


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