Chapter 2

It’s Seven O’clock in the morning and rays from the sun penetrate the window lightning the bedroom. The odor of Turkish coffee, and a good song by Fairouz are spreading happiness in the air. Omar opens his eyes with a bright ear-to-ear smile upon his lips, with only her crossing his mind first thing in the morning.

As usual, Omar drinks his cup of Turkish coffee, bitter enough to remind him of how life is. He eats his jam toast and heads to the university, not because he has an early lecture, but to meet his lovely girlfriend, Dina.

Omar was one of the best in his major. Smart, talented, well-educated, handsome, and rich. The kind of guy that any girl would be envied for being in a relationship with him.

Omar and Dina were so deeply in love that they could never imagine living without their hearts beating as one.  Both of them were very happily in love and ever since they had met they had always known that no power on earth could keep them part.

They were only sophomores when they first met. A semester later they began to write their love story together, letter by letter. Today they celebrate their 5th anniversary. And every time they meet, it feels like they’re meeting for the first time. After all these years, they still feel the same.

One month later, Omar proposed to Dina, who was very happy about this. She had been waiting Omar to say these words since day one. Dina accepted and they got married in a huge wedding that everybody talked about for a month.

Omar and Dina lived happily ever after.



Nader K.


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