Dear Gaza, Till When?

first for foremost, I would like to apologize for all of you for not writing since long time ago. And to be honest, since my last post “Gaza Between Love and Hate” I didn’t really know what to write about. Finally, I have come to what has just crossed my mind: Write to express, to resist, and to free my mind.

A Dark half-empty room, a mug of hot milk, and a computer. It’s here where it all started. A confused brain full of ideas and thoughts, a big broken heart, and an everlasting smile are all I have.

In the past, I didn’t really want anything more than moving out of Gaza. Anywhere else seemed whole lot better for a very long time until I somehow started to read and watch documentaries, get to know and chat with pro-Palestinians from around the globe I started to realize how beautiful my country is, and how much proud should I be just because I am Palestinian! And oh not just that. I am a Gazan Palestinian! Who could be more proud than I am?

An open-air prison hosting over 1.7 million inhabitants from all over Palestine, Gaza, is where my story begins. It wasn’t so long till I decided to tweet and blog about Palestine and raise the awareness because it’s my cause, your cause, everybody’s cause.

Oh my beloved, no matter what to you I will always yearn *sigh*. I have always dreamed about praying in Al-Aqsa and be able to visit every soon-to-be-free city and walk in every single street, feel the pain and pleasure, and smell the odor of freedom forever.

Dear Gaza, my hometown and blessed city, till when will this go on? Till when? Didn’t they have enough already? you’re occupied by your own people who once claimed to be good and ever since they ruled you, they continue to prove that they’re not worth it, they’re not good at all.

The Kofiyya, a well-known logo symbolizing everything that has to do with Palestine, the cause, love, the homeland, its holiness,  passion, freedom, and Yasser “Abu-Ammar” Arafat whose death anniversary takes place every November 11th.

Ever since THEY ruled you, my beloved Gaza, they banned wearing The Kofiyya, and he who dares to wear it shall forever be tortured. Can anybody tell me why? They don’t want you to represent the cause! they don’t want more patriots!

It’s not that complicated! Why we, Gazans, are no longer allowed to wear The Kofiyya? Why can’t we put it on our shoulders wrap it around our necks? Still no body knows why or how did this happen.

Dear Gaza, I Love You.


14 thoughts on “Dear Gaza, Till When?

  1. A beautiful, poignant testimony… I enjoyed reading it. Yes, you (Palestinians) of all people earned the right to be Proud…

    It broke my heart though to discover that you didn’t have the right to wear The Kofiyy! I never knew! What do they say to defend such a stupid ban?

  2. Dear Nader and Aysceel..

    I’m not interested in any debate, and having some jerks running PA doesn’t justify any “revenge” action in Gaza…

    however, you cannot blind your and other’s eyes about the PA and “the others” actions.. multiply your suffering by 100 plz…

    anyways, regarding the Kofiyya, I never thought of it resembling Palestine, it was simply resembling Abu Ammar, and his team.

    in Jordan, it was just a way to show racism and separation between Palestinians and Jordanians.

    I used to wear it up to Dec 2006, then I started to realize that I’m simply resembling a specific part of Palestinians, the part that I don’t want to be among!

    now, I simply don’t wear anything, Palestine is not Kofiyyeh, I don’t need to show my love with clothes, but rather, work for that…

    now, you should know that Kofiyyeh has always been a special mark to Fath, since ever, so please don’t try to mix those things, I do understand that people out of Palestine has this impression (Kofiyyeh=Palestine), but inside, it never was!


  3. I know exactly what you’re talking about. Despite the fact that MOST of Palestinians see the Koffiyah as a symbol of Fateh or Abu Ammar or whatever else, and to be honest, many people see and think of it as a Palestinian symbol, just like the olive tree.

  4. ^_^ I enjoyed reading this post as well. As I am used to escorting the internationals who are constantly coming to Gaza, my love to Gaza is increasingly growing. I always feel proud of being a Palestinian Gazan. I feel blessed when I am given the chance to represent Gaza, talk about its special flavor, distinguished stuff… a city where the paradox lies, a place where you can find harmony b/w desperate things, a place where you can do miraculous things under the severely tightened siege, a place where no one would survive except the Gazans, the heroes.
    Thanks a million, Nader. Keep it up…

  5. I loved this! We always hear about the struggles of life in Gaza but it’s rare to hear about the love people still have for it. My parents always say that everyone who has the chance would leave, but I like to think that’s not true… If it is, then we really have no chance at beating our enemies. I feel like a hypocrite saying this while living in the US, but I think Palestinians abroad have a duty to go home if they can, and that’s my goal..someday.

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