Gaza, Between Love and Hate.

Gaza, widely known as world’s largest open-air prison that contains over 1.5 million inhabitants who consume 5 tons of grinned coffee everyday and has the largest coffee production line in the Middle East, is where i have been since 1994.

Between love and hate there’s a path, in which one can never stay. You either love or hate.

I’m between love and hate, and i can’t pick one side because i have my reasons to love, and reasons to hate, the thing that makes it difficult for me.

Being a Gaza citizen has its cons and pros, being loved and respected by everybody, and being cursed for your lifetime. Gaza is just like any other city, except it’s occupied. And we, Gazans, like anybody out there have our dreams, ambitions, hobbies, talents, and abilities. If you give it a deeper look, you’ll find out about great love stories that can be compared to Romeo and Juliet, stories of broken hearts, broken dreams, and stories of boundless ambitions.

There’s a story in this corner, a story of a broken dream. In that restaurant, is a story of a cute couple deeply in love. Wherever you look, you can see a story of success or failure.

I wake up every morning by the odor of my passion, the odor of coffee, and as soon as i’m back to life, i open my eyes with a bright ear-to-ear smile fighting sadness and broken hopes brightening my present and hoping for a better future, Dress up and go to my favorite cafe to have a cup of energetic passion with no sugar added to.

Bitter is the coffee i drink, and so is life. Bitter is my cup of passion, so that i greatly anticipate a change to taste what’s sweet.

Personally, i love the fact that im from Gaza. Whenever i tell someone that i am from there, they’re surprised, and i become more proud of such a fact. that’s on a hand, on the other hand, being a Gazan citizen means that you’re cursed for life, means you will burn in hell and cry in agony a thousand times before you leave Gaza and travel somewhere whether to study, work, or live there. the Arab Gulf now doesn’t grant visas to Palestinians from GAZA! Palestinians from the west bank can certainly do anything! Same goes for each and every country in the world, except for a few like Malaysia, Australia, and Cuba!

Only those who love the land and are patriot get a real chance and travel. and those who hate it and crave to leave, will forever stay.

Nader K.


3 thoughts on “Gaza, Between Love and Hate.

  1. Bitter is the coffee i drink, and so is life.
    damn true! how addicted to coffee you are! I like the symbolic meaning this post refers to. I liked the last line. 😀 Yup! it happens. It really does.

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